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Wolfman Investigations: Curse Of The Terror Tomb (After Dark Entertainment)

By | Published on Monday 15 August 2011

You haven’t heard of Wolfman, but he’s a child of one of the Thunder Cats who hooked up with some cousins of the Scooby Team – at least, that’s how I imagine it happened. ‘Wolfman Investigations’ is a live-action show in the style of an old-school cartoon, complete with an absurdly catchy theme tune that feels like it should have been a part of your childhood. Even the sound effects have a nostalgically grainy sound quality. Wolfman and his friends need the audience’s help to solve puzzles and defeat Dr Clockwork’s dastardly schemes, and the result is a wonderfully gripping comic drama. This is a show that will charm, enthrall and delight audiences both young and old – highly recommended.

Zoo Roxy, 6 – 20 Aug, 12.00pm (1.00pm), £6.00 (£20.00F), fpp30.
tw rating 4/5