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The I Hate Children Children’s Show! (Bad Magician)

By | Published on Saturday 27 August 2011

This comes as close to the dark side as a children’s magic show possibly can, but surprisingly not in the content, which was pretty much standard for a magic show. Paul Nathan is a superb performer who has a sarcastic ease rarely found outside late night comedy. Sinister yet avuncular, he even manages to involve every child in a magic trick – important to parents wanting to avoid arguments later – and it would be worth going just to see him banter with accompanying musician John Anaya. Even though they weren’t the main attraction, the tricks – involving handkerchiefs and ribbons – were performed flawlessly. Younger kids might be intimidated by the delivery, but for cynical children with parents who want to be included, it’s perfect.

Zoo Southside, 6 – 29 Aug, 12.30pm (1.15pm) £7.50, fpp22.
tw rating 5/5