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The Dream Of The Travelling Actor (Georgi Spassov of Theater Atelie 313)

By | Published on Saturday 20 August 2011

Have you ever seen a bicycle tyre converted into a parachute? No? I hadn’t either until today. With the help of several multi-coloured tyres and a bicycle wheel Georgi Spassov, a quaint and eccentric narrator, tells the tale of ‘The Princess And The Pea’. On occasion the tyre-puppets (for want of a better description) worked very well – it was certainly an inventive idea. However, try as Spassov might, not everything in the world looks like a bicycle tyre and sometimes the story lost focus as the narrator grappled with the tyres, trying to use them in new and interesting ways that sometimes didn’t work. The humour was aimed at children and was gentle, if occasionally a little puerile.

Zoo, 5 – 29 Aug (not 7, 14, 21, 28), 11.15 (12.10), £8.00, fpp21.
tw rating 2/5