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Movin’ Melvin Brown – Just Singing And Dancing… You Can Do It!

By | Published on Tuesday 9 August 2011

With his big smile and a very ready laugh Movin’ Melvin Brown is a classic example of the American all-singing, all-dancing, all-smiling flock. His tap-dancing skills, however, seemed a little lost on the younger audience at first and his references to Michael Jackson and the Blues Brothers appeared to fly over even some of the parents’ heads. After some coaxing, however, he did manage to persuade even the shy ones on stage; once the trilbys and sunglasses were dished out, they seemed to enjoy the spotlight and even engaged in some witty back-chat that put Melvin in his place. Perhaps fewer tap dancing solos and more inventive group numbers would kick-start this number into the bouncing piece it could be.

C eca, 3 – 29 Aug (not 15, 22), 12.00pm (12.50pm), £6.50 – £8.50 fpp26.
tw rating 3/5