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King Arthur (Aireborne Theatre)

By | Published on Wednesday 10 August 2011

Hilarious, charming and superbly enacted, this performance of ‘King Arthur’ is the definition of family fun. Merlin, the witty narrator, relates the amusing adventures of the noble Arthur and his comical Knights of the Round Table. Interaction with the audience means children are given the chance to become an integrated part of the legend. Furthermore, the self-reflexive nature of the show, featuring a performance within a performance, means things like role and costume switching, and other awkward bits typical of a small cast play, are cleverly used for comic effect. And although the music could do with more variety, it is humorously objected to by the characters themselves, making it a trivial factor which certainly does not hamper the show.

C eca, 3 – 29 Aug, 12.50pm (1.50pm), £4.50 – £8.50, fpp24.
tw rating 4/5