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Ian Billings: Dumbs Up!

By | Published on Thursday 18 August 2011

At times very funny, at times groan-inducing (“that’s why they’re called groan-ups,” quipped Billings as another moan rose from the adults in the audience) this show was a mixture of hit and miss. While the children enjoyed themselves, especially when asked to participate in choruses of poetic gems like ‘There’s a Shark in the Toilet’, the convoluted story that served as the finale failed to delight. For me, the problem was more that, for a show claiming to “dumb up” rather than down, the content didn’t deliver. Labelling all bullies Neanderthal “snot brains” for example, seemed a bit off. I might be asking a bit much from an hour-long children’s show; nevertheless, I’d either change the title or the tune.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 3 – 29 Aug, 11.15am (12.15pm), £7.00 – £9.00, fpp22.
tw rating 2/5