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Cloud Man (Ailie Cohen Puppet Maker)

By | Published on Saturday 20 August 2011

‘Cloud Man’ is a cute show: the puppets are cute, the set is cute, the twinkly ethereal music composed by Niroshini Tambar is cute. The children sit on cute cloud cushions in front of the stage. Jen Edgar’s acting is quirky and engaging, despite the clumsiness of the script and its bizarre changes of tense which confuse the cute children. The story is a little thin and doesn’t make all that much sense; at one point a child was heard to cutely shout, “But what is she doing?!” generating nervous adult laughter and shushing from parents. However, it feels magical, it doesn’t patronise, and I grew up on the Clangers – so I’m all for it.

Hill Street Theatre, 5 – 24 Aug (not 8, 15), 11.00 am (11.45 am), £5.00 – £7.50, fpp20.
tw rating 3/5