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Bubblewrap And Boxes (Asking For Trouble)

By | Published on Tuesday 23 August 2011

A big pile of cardboard boxes sits upon the stage. It is home to a strange little man, who happily spends his days arranging his boxes and making sure everything is just so. His world is peaceful, until a large box mysteriously appears, containing a girl, who shatters his tranquillity by forcing him to interact with her and moving his boxes about! There then follows a fantastic hour’s entertainment, as the pair display excellent clowning skills whilst gradually becoming friends. Performed almost wordlessly, as the characters can only communicate when reading out lost letters that have found their way to their cardboard world, this show is a delight. Imagine ‘WALL-E’, but with fewer robots and more cardboard.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 3 – 21 Aug (not 8, 15), 10.45am (11.45am), £7.00 – £9.00, fpp20.
tw rating 4/5