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The Pinocchio Show (Herrick Theatre)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

Like its eponymous star, ‘The Pinocchio Show’ is endearing but a little unsteady on its feet. As the show opens with a bouncy song, we meet Giuseppe the carpenter and his creation, Pinocchio. Lucie Livingstone, the young girl who brings Pinocchio to life, fills the stage with confidence and presence beyond her years, as well as displaying an unflappable nature some of her older co-stars would do well to emulate. Unfortunately, the plot feels rushed and disjointed, leaving the audience unsure when to join in. The deus ex machina ending is also frustratingly unclear, although the surreal elements of the story do enthrall. This is a good show when it finds its feet, but just too prone to wobbles to be truly great.

The Quaker Meeting House, 15 – 20 Aug, 9.45am (10.45am), £4.00 – £6.00 (F£16.00), fpp27.
tw rating 3/5