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EastEnd Cabaret – The Revolution Will Be Sexual (EastEnd Cabaret / Laughing Horse Comedy)

By | Published on Saturday 27 August 2011

Gather round children, and I’ll tell you the story of the indomitable tantric penis. Or would you prefer the literal version of ‘Sex Is On Fire’, a cautionary song about bedroom bondage? This luscious romp combines stage-craft and musical talent with a bawdy humour that was either right on the edge or all the way over it. The glamorous Bernadette Byrne keeps the audience rapt and attentive. Victor Victoria’s sexy, snide and seemingly off-the-cuff commentary is the work of a comic genius. She trots out a saw, plays it with a bow, harmonises with Byrne demonstrating a lovely vocal blend, and has the audience snorting with laughter (ahem). I shall sum it up using three C-words: Camp. Cavorting. Cracking.

Laughing Horse at The Counting House, 5 – 29 Aug (not 15, 26), 9.55pm (10.40pm), free, fpp10.
tw rating 5/5