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Dusty Limits – Darkling (Terry Finnegan presents)

By | Published on Friday 26 August 2011

Dusy Limits, the pale-faced, gin and tonic sipping, lipstick-wearing misanthrope takes his willing audience into the dark world of melancholy and depression. According to Dusty, there’s far too much comedy in the world. Just one look at Michael McIntyre’s chubby, grinning little face fills him with despair. Having said that, this devilish little cabaret is itself wickedly funny. Dusty delivers a selection of delicious musical morsels: a mixture of biting satirical numbers and ballads of utter misery. Dusty warns, as he begins the ‘The Hungarian Suicide song’ that this one has actually driven people to the grave. He hopes it doesn’t affect any of his audience (but he wouldn’t mind the publicity.) The perfect antithesis to Edinburgh’s ‘comedy’ obsession.

SpaceCabaret @ 54, Aug 21 – 27, 6.05 pm (6.50pm), £11.00 – £14.00, fpp10.
tw rating 4/5