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Reaching For The Stars (Dava Sobel)

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

Famous for the best-selling science history novel ‘Longitude’, Sobel knows how to make science into something which is both fascinating and understandable to the average reader. Her novels are always centred on a period in history in which a few individuals are responsible for a colossal leap in scientific understanding, and her newest, ‘A More Perfect Heaven’ (part non-fiction, part play), tells the story of Copernicus, Rheticus and the heliocentric theory. Two scenes from the play were dramatised for the audience by actors David Gallagher and Martin McCormack. Though brilliantly performed, at times the Scottish accents were slightly off-putting. Otherwise, ‘Reaching for the Stars’ was an entertaining, informative and innovative way of making a complex tale accessible to all.

RBS Main Theatre, Aug 27, 4.30pm (5.30pm), £8 – £10, eibfpp49.