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Philosophers Who Get To The Core Of Being (Simon Blackburn And Robert Rowland Smith)

By | Published on Friday 26 August 2011

These are two philosophers who come from very different academic styles, and their confrontation made for fascinating watching. Simon Blackburn, professor of philosophy at Cambridge University, was dismissive when described as ‘popularising’ philosophy and proceeded to both discuss Hume with passion and issue sly digs at Robert Rowland Smith, who took them all in cheery good humour, riposting with the marvellous “we don’t need philosophers producing highly technical works for a small number of people”, arguing that it is the role of the modern philosopher to act as a continental-style public intellectual, involved in all the major problems facing humanity. Representing the existential crisis of ivory-tower academia, they discussed the application of philosophy to day-to-day existence, with entertaining results.

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