ED2011 Book Reviews

Marcus Sedgwick

By | Published on Wednesday 31 August 2011

At a time when stories of vampires and magic have soared in popularity, Marcus Sedgwick differs from the current trend. A powerful writer of young adult fiction, his stories encourage contemplation of typical suppositions. In this children’s book event, Sedgwick talked about his belief in ghosts, Norse legends and Sweden’s most controversial painting. His latest novel, ‘White Crow’, brings the Gothic to a modern setting, taking the story into the dark debate of life after death. As a writer inspired by mythology, the occult and symbolism, he prefers to connect with original legends as opposed to present-day evolutions. Sedgwick is a writer who creates wonderfully dark and tense narratives, and his wisdom is a joy to listen to.

RBS Corner Theatre, 27 Aug, 12.00pm, £4.50, eibfpp75.