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Debate – The End Of The State?

By | Published on Thursday 18 August 2011

In the light of the recent riots in London and elsewhere, any argument based around ‘letting citizens shape society’, as was the subject for debate, was always going to be open to immediate criticism. While both speakers attempted to bring the riots into their arguments, neither succeeded in giving a convincing answer to the topic at hand. Katharine Birbalsingh, author of ‘To Miss With Love’ refused, much to the building irritation of the crowd, to discuss anything other than need for school reform, a subject only tangentially attached to the issue of the withdrawal of the state. It is a real shame when an intelligent person finds it impossible to apply their specialised knowledge to the wider question under discussion.

Spiegeltent, 14 Aug, 7.00pm (8.15pm), £10, eibfpp11.