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Danny Dorling – The Information Superhighway And Those It Leaves Behind

By | Published on Monday 15 August 2011

Danny Dorling: The Information Superhighway And Those It Leaves Behind
Scottish politician Susan Deacon introduced Danny Dorling as a human geographer and what followed was an insight into the work done by people in this field. Dorling does not simply research and interpret the numbers; the ease with which he brought up figures to answer questions, shows that he lives and breathes them. Highlights included his views on the future of the census (family historians, please step up) and a discussion of the recent riots. While more comfortable answering questions than retelling things from his book, Dorling, backed by the statistics he knows inside-out (though, amusingly, he forgot his point about Scotland) speaks with the authority that many top politicians lack. This is someone we can learn a lot from.

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