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Beardyman: Two nights on the Fringe

By | Published on Wednesday 24 August 2011


He may only be in town for two nights, but as he prepared for performance number one we still managed to grab some quality time with beatboxer extraordinaire Beardyman to fire some questions in his general direction.
If this puts you in the mood for some Beardyman action, you have one more chance to see the man himself when he performs at Assembly Hall tonight (Wednesday) at midnight.

CC: What can we look forward to in your show this year?
BM: No idea… it’s improvised and based on audience suggestions, so your guess is as good as mine! Though, I should add, it’s not just your standard beatboxing show. Beatboxing is peppered throughout the show, but I loop it up and do weird noises, and use it as an ingredient rather than a thing in itself. Which is a change from last year where there was some straight-up beatboxing.

CC: You have performed at Edinburgh before, what brings you back?
BM: Edinburgh is a unique place. It’s a massive clash of different entertainment disciplines and just feels like a solid performance workout. It’s an endurance test if you do a full run, so I’m actually quite glad to have been spared that fate, and to be just doing a two day intensive Edinburgh splurge.

CC: But could you be persuaded to do the full three weeks of the Fringe one year?
BM: I’d love to… it would be fun. The only reason I don’t is because I’m always booked up during August to play big music festivals around the world.

CC: That’s right, you play at both music and comedy festivals, do you have a preference?
BM: No. It’s like asking someone to pick a favourite child! They’re very different. But you can really go into detail and goof around at a comedy event, which you can’t if you’re performing in a hardcore dance-music rave tent.

CC: Are there any shows you are looking forward to seeing at this year’s Festival?
BM: Toby. You must see them. They’re really dark and brilliant. Also Jay Foreman and Sarah Pascoe. And I’m not just naming my friends’ shows!

CC: You cite Michael Winslow as an inspiration, are you planning on seeing his show while you’re here?
BM: I’ve seen it. I actually gigged with him in London and he’s a genius. I wish I was able to see more shows while I’m here. But yeah…Winslow is next level.

CC: Your show is called ‘Unshaved’, have you been cultivating a particularly special beard for your short run at Edinburgh?
BM: Yes. It’s pink and full of children’s toys. It also smells funny.

CC: According to the BBC you are “King Of Sound and Ruler Of Beats”, what are you planning on conquering next?
BM: Poland.

Beardyman performed at The Assembly Hall during Fringe 2011.

LINKS: www.beardyman.co.uk