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Three To See 2011: Gigs on the Edge

By | Published on Sunday 31 July 2011

The National

ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses recommends three gigs from the 2011 Edge Festival.

The National (pictured)
I expect a lot of readers will have heard of The National, as they are mildly famous. Their subtly-crafted rock songs hold back waves of emotion that are channelled through frontman Matt Berninger’s baritone voice. And when they all let it out, the wave of noise that hits is almost physically moving. I have this on good authority.
The Edge Festival at Edinburgh Corn Exchange, 23 Aug, 7.00pm (10.30pm), £22.50, fpp214.

James Blake
Often spoken about as a dubstep artist, Blake is really something else entirely. According to my colleague Andy, whose music taste is pretty much flawless, Blake’s electronic, often piano-based songs loop around inside themselves gradually pulling you into a trance-like state as you focus on his stunningly soulful voice.
The Edge Festival at Liquid Room, 30 Aug, 7.00pm (10.30pm), £10.00.

Warpaint’s debut album, ‘The Fool’, was a favourite of ThreeWeeks’ sister publication CMU last year, but I’m told that live they are something even better. Their intricate guitar lines and fragile vocals weave around each other, creating an atmosphere it’s hard not to find infectious; definitely a date to put in your diary.
The Edge Festival at The Queens Hall, 23 Aug, 8.00pm (10.30pm), £19.00.