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Three To See 2011: Fringe oddities

By | Published on Sunday 31 July 2011

Magic Drawabout

ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses recommends three oddities from the Fringe’s event programme.

Overnight Ghost Hunt
Well, some might not consider this an oddity, I suppose, if they’re the kind of folk who are into seances and ouija boards. I do find it a bit odd, because – although I’d actually quite like to – I don’t really believe in ghosts, and I think that you are supposed to believe in ghosts if you attend this: it’s run by Paranormal Investigations Scotland – who sound like they take it seriously – and held in a place that I think they believe is properly haunted.
Gilmerton Cove, dates vary, 9.00pm (2.00am), £35.00, fpp185.

The Magic Draw-About (pictured)
That name drew me in, I have to say, though, having read the Fringe programme blurb, I’m inclined to think this is a little off the wall: shows some serious crazy skill, though, doesn’t it, to stand out in a sea of oddballery that is the Fringe..? Lancelot Adam’s Walkabout Troubadour Squad will, it appears, roam the streets, looking for interesting people to draw and generally improvise and minstrel over. I hope the interesting people have some choice in the matter…
Laughing Horse @ The Beehive Inn, 8 – 27 Aug, 5.00pm (6.00pm), free, fpp185.

Buddhist Meditation
Well, a lot of people would say there’s nothing odd about meditation, and to be honest, I’m inclined to agree. I suspect it’s something that other people get a lot out of, and I am really jealous of them as a result. That being the case, you’d think I’d stop being jealous and give it a go. But no. Stop and meditate? Me? In the middle of the Edinburgh Festival? Haven’t got time. I am, however, an expert at preaching one thing and practising another. Go Buddhist Meditating, all of you. It will do you good and give you a break from the hustle of the busy Fringe.
Edinburgh Buddhist Centre, 10 – 29 Aug, 11.00am (12.30pm), £9.00 (£6.00), fpp180.