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Tara Flynn: What’s that noise?

By | Published on Tuesday 31 August 2010

Tara Flynn

Don’t worry, it’s just our Week 3 Guest Editor Janey Godley giving Tara Flynn the third degree. The one time Nuala is back at the Edinburgh Fringe with her show ‘Big Noise’ and Janey’s impressed – so much so she fired some random Fringe questions off in Ms Flynn’s general direction.

JG: What do you wish you had brought with you to Edinburgh this year?
TF: I wish I’d brought gold bullion for bribery purposes. You never know who you’ll need onside. Or just to be able to eat in The Witchery every night.

JG: Getting around the Fringe – Segway or scooter… choose and why?
TF: Segway. I can’t use them so I’d constantly be falling over. It’s a comedy festival: I take the laughs where I can get ’em.

JG: Have you ever stolen stuff from the house you rented at the Festival? Tell me what it was (I took a sofa).
TF: No, but that’s a top idea. The flat I’m in this year has surround sound in the bathroom. I wonder if I could take that?

JG: Have you ever kicked someone off a bike in Edinburgh who ran a red light and nearly hit you? (I have).
TF: I haven’t. Sorry, Janey, but I’m sympathetic to cyclists because I am one back in London. Tourists weaving about and leaping into the cycle-path, maps a-flapping, is them just asking for it.

JG: Have you ever dreamed of sliding down the upside down cow in the middle of the night, if so what are you wearing whilst doing that?
TF: I’ve not dreamed that, but I do think I might have tried to climb up the inside of it once. I was wearing something casual which I’d made dressy with just the simple addition of a belt and some earrings, like they suggest in magazines.

JG: Namedrop the biggest celeb who came to your show (you can make it up, Johnny Depp came to mine).
TF: Stewart Lee came along the other night. And I’m not sure but I think Santa was in the third row last Tuesday. The dude certainly had some hot beard action going on.

JG: Can you give me a good reason NOT to come back to the Fringe?
TF: Lotta people. Lotta germs. Convinced? No, I didn’t think so. See you next year.

JG: Do you have a secret Fringe crush? Who is it? (and it can be me!)
TF: Well of course it’s you. But I also love Tom Allen – a proper Festival gent. He’d never have me, though.

JG: Give us your porn star name (your headmistress/master surname and the street you lived on as a child).
TF: Sr Mary Riverstick.

JG: What is your venue number multiplied by 3 add on 6 and divided by 2 (as that equals how long your liver has got before it caves in).
TF: That question hurts my brain. Can I just say “0”? I think my liver caved in on Day 3.

Tara Flynn’s show ‘Big Noise’ was performed at Gilded Balloon Teviot during Fringe 2010.

LINKS: www.taraflynn.iewww.janeygodley.com