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But First Marcel Lucont

By | Published on Tuesday 31 August 2010

Marcel Lucont

The Fringe’s favourite Frenchman Marcel Lucont brings some positive energy to the Festival.

As a nihilist I cannot help but feel a certain guilt when positive thoughts enter my head. But this year I appear to have arrived at the Edinburgh Fringe with an unusual amount of positivity leaking into my brain.

The show, of course, is superb, there is no doubt of that. But there are so many factors that can darken one’s mood and cause a hinderance when attempting to stage the perfect show. This year, however, I am finding positive ways to deal with them…

The venue, like many, is more hot than Bruni, as the saying goes. But, of course, this means I enter the stage to find the women in the crowd are wearing less. How can this ever be a negative thing?

Naturally, there are still persons coming to the show who have not bothered to learn the language, and so I must perform the show largely in English. I now see the benefits of such ignorance, chiefly that I can berate such persons to the cultured French-speakers of the crowd, and do this right in front of them. Always a joy.

Alas, Gaston my accordionist is not with me this year, largely due to his death. I have instead a backing track of him, which is not as good. I cannot kick a backing track in the dick if it goes wrong. I miss him. But, it seems, this new positivity is reaching as well into the outer world, as I found my new accompanist, Guillaume, on my first night here, by some bins, and he brings an entirely new skill to the show. To see what, you must come to the show. I know, I know, you already have tickets. I will see you there.

I am encouraging reviewers to give the show 4 stars this year, rather than the customary 5, as I have found often that a 5-star review can bring in what I believe you call “riff-raff”. The type of person who will glance at this review in a paper while feasting on their battered pizza and extra large coca-cola, then bring their equally Neandarthal “mates” hoping for some generic comedy of tiresome British celebrities, reality television and cars, farting their way through my exquisitely crafted poetry, observations and songs.

My positivity can only stretch so far…

Marcel Lucont’s show ‘Encore’ was performed at The Underbelly during Fringe 2010.

LINKS: www.marcellucont.com