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Dreams Of The Small Gods (Zinnia Oberst / Scissor Kick)

By | Published on Wednesday 24 August 2022

Born dangling from a trapeze, to forest sounds and fine mist, it’s symbolically important that we see the Wild Woman’s sex before her face, the latter obscured by her thick mane of hair. Empowering, unnerving, this makes her seem a masked fertility totem already, before twisting into being as a lithe, sinuous, human animal. Growing and descending to pound wet soil to tribal ambient beats, any emerging eroticism is earthy, pagan, joyous and soon, seduced by the ominous arrival of a mask of the old ones. Accomplished aerial artistry, the Fringe’s most atmospheric venue and simple, evocative setting mean the audience can ascribe their own interpretation to, or simply enjoy this mesmerising, unsettling, emancipatory – and physically demanding – piece.

Summerhall, until 28 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Richard Tyrone Jones]