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Dick And Dom: Dick v Dom (Brett Vincent for Get Comedy)

By | Published on Saturday 18 August 2018

Not a single inch of me regrets going to see Dick and Dom, back to their old tricks, by myself in my mid-twenties. The show promises fun for five to 105 year olds, and fully delivers. Though I found myself in the front row surrounded by children averaging about ten years old (and their parents probably silently judging my millennial life decisions), I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of bogies, dads forced to drink baked bean and ketchup cocktails, and little girls bursting into tears during the cream pie round they had naively volunteered for. Indulgent nostalgic throwback aside, this is a guaranteed hour of wonderfully silly, old-school pranks and uninhibited laughter with a timeless and tireless duo.

Underbelly Bristo Square, until 12 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Stephanie Stapleton]