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David Kay (David Kay / The Stand Comedy Club)

By | Published on Thursday 9 August 2018

David Kay is all laid back, self-deprecating low energy, kind of like a Scottish Emo Phillips. Amusing lyricism and gentle absurdity abound, with a sideline in purposeful anticomedy, consciously ending bits in anticlimactic fashion, dropping threads which may or may not be developed later, and several bits about scones. Foolishly improbable anecdotes involving Paul Oakenfold, Pablo Escobar, Mary Berry and Andy Murray demonstrate a winning absurdist streak, particularly in how he gets from cooked tomatoes to fake news and the ridiculousness of popular plebiscites. Fun as it is, it does stretch slightly thinly over the hour. But, if you’re looking to hear multiple slices of scone-based comedy this is literally (I think!) the only show in town.

The Stand, until 12 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | Bruce Blacklaw