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Concept For A Film (Second Body)

By | Published on Saturday 27 August 2022

So… this was basically made for me. Max and Jethro have created a unique show which is simply a spoken pitch for a film idea, accompanied by sounds created using sensory technology. The show is complex, though, in that it takes an insightful look at the world of scriptwriting and the difficulties of writing, as well as its other themes. The tremendously well written script is read aloud – with prescribed camera angles included – allowing the audience to picture this film and to create their own vision of it in their heads. And while the script shines, the audio element is equally entrancing, enhancing the feeling of each scene, as each new piece of equipment is brought out. With its exposition of film techniques, humour, references and more, it’s a film-lover’s dream, but I suspect any audience-member would be captivated.

Assembly George Square, until 27 Aug.
tw rating 5/5 | [Andrew Melrose]