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Carey Marx: Quick Quiz

By | Published on Saturday 3 August 2013


Two times winner of the Best International Show prize at the New Zealand Comedy Festival, Carey Marx is back at the Fringe, performing at Gilded Balloon Teviot. As ever, Marx is tackling topical and personal subjects, including this time him having a heart attack. But first the matter of a Quick Quiz.

TW: Tell us about your show in no more than sixty words.
CM: Having written and performed eight solo shows at the Edinburgh Festival, I needed a new subject matter for my ninth. Then I had a heart attack and I thought ‘that’ll do’. Actually, I tried to ignore it as a topic but, as I’ve discovered, the heart won’t be ignored. So, this show is all heart.

TW: Tell us about one other show you are planning to see this year.
CM: I’ll definitely see Phil Nichol in ‘Weary Land’ and Barry Castagnola as Donny Donkins. But, you asked for just one show, so, Pharry Nichagnola in Donny Land.

TW: What’s your best piece of advice for Edinburgh first-time fringe-goers?
CM: Don’t walk out of any show no matter how bad. “It was rubbish, so I left” isn’t a good story. What you stayed through might be. I once watched two men writhing around on the stage absolutely pointlessly for an hour. It was awful, but I’m glad I stayed. I can join in with awful-show-experience stories. If I had left, I would only have a story about two men writhing for a few minutes, which nobody wants to hear. Anyway, the last ten minutes might be worth it! Basically, I think the Festival is about enjoying great stuff and horribly bad stuff and enjoying the spirit of the fringe. On the other hand, the last ten minutes of that show just involved more writhing. I wish I had left. Ignore this answer.

TW: What have you done to prepare for your Edinburgh show?
CM: I had a heart attack. This way, I figured, the material would feel more ‘real’ to me. I also spent time in hospital. I’m a ‘method’ comedian.

TW: Scotland’s got an important referendum coming up, if you could instigate your own referendum, what would it be on?
CM: Everything. I would like people to have the chance to vote to change everything immediately. If the public come back with a yes vote, the Prime Minister will have one week to change it all.

‘Carey Marx: Intensive Carey’ was performed at Gilded Balloon Teviot at Edinburgh Festival 2013.

Photo: Steve Ullatorne