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Caleidocello (Peter Hudler Cello)

By | Published on Wednesday 9 August 2017

When I’m surprised in a happy way my eyebrows shoot up to my hairline; they haven’t reappeared yet! Peter Hudler slapped and strummed his cello like a contemporary guitarist; his acoustic instrument had that rich, chocolatey resonance essential for a traditional solo repertoire – no electronics or gizmos required. His wonderful playing blurred the boundaries between genres and instruments. He even played a hectic blue grass piece – Svante Henryson’s ‘Black Run’ – while ‘Blues Chaconne’ took a Baroque compositional structure and used it to develop a blues line. In more contemplative moments Hudler played Philip Glass’s space-inspired ‘Orbit’ and the ancient ‘Hurrian Hymn VI’. A welcoming performer, he embraced his audience with his artistry and exciting repertoire.

C too, until 28 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Louise Rodgers]