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Bridget Christie wins Edinburgh Comedy Award

By | Published on Saturday 24 August 2013


In what is sure to be a popular decision (it certainly pleased Team ThreeWeeks), Bridget Christie has won this year’s Edinburgh Comedy Prize. She is only the third woman to win the big comedy gong at the Edinburgh Fringe in the award’s 33 year history, past female winners being Jenny Eclair and Laura Solon.

Christie took the prize with her feminism-themed show ‘A Bic For Her’ which is performing at The Stand. There has been a noticeable number of shows dealing with feminist topics on the comedy Fringe this year, and numerous brilliant shows delivered by female comedians, which made some question the male dominated shortlists that Edinburgh Comedy Award organisers published earlier this week. Christie’s win, therefore, seems particularly fitting at the end of Fringe 2013, above and beyond the fact she had a very fine show indeed this year.

Another performance with a feminist theme, Adrienne Truscott’s provocative show tackling rape jokes, ‘Asking For It: A One-Lady Rape About Comedy’, won the Panel Prize, while John Kearns picked up the Best Newcomer award. Both Truscott and Kearns are performing free shows this year, and their victories illustrate another theme of Fringe 2013, the increased importance of the free-show strands at all levels of comedy. Again the ‘big four’ dominated shortlists didn’t seem to represent this, but two free show winners does.

Well done to all the winners, and check out our interview with Bridget from the start of the Festival here.