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BEASTS: A Question For Three

By | Published on Saturday 9 August 2014


We put the same question to all three members of a Fringe trio. This time BEASTS. The question: What one thing is guaranteed to split up a sketch group?

CIARAN: I bring the biscuits. That’s my job. Within the group we each have our roles – someone is in charge of tech, someone is the venue’s point of contact, someone deals with press, with the industry, with our agent. It’s someone’s job to type the script, one person makes the props, one sews the costumes. It’s someone’s job to book the transport and accommodation and someone books our gigs. All of these people are James. But I’m the biscuit man, and if one more person complains that it’s fig rolls for the third day in a row then we’re done!

OWEN: In any artistic partnership there’s always the danger that one member of the group becomes more famous than the others. Like Michael Jackson in The Jackson 5, Robbie Williams in Take That, and even Snarf from ‘Thundercats’ had that spin-off where he moves to LA and opens a coffee shop. Sketch groups are no different. Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time before Scorsese comes looking for me. When that fateful day arrives, it will be the end of our time together. But until then I will continue to let the others shelter under the bulging umbrella of my massive genius.

JAMES: You know what they say: love destroys all. The same is true of sketch groups. No matter of the heart can be allowed to come before the sacred bond of sketch. We don’t want some Yoko Ono coming in and killing John Lennon again. In order to preserve our comedic priorities, we have all taken sacrosanct vows of abstinence. Rather than trifling over fleeting infatuations, we have agreed to only fight about important things, like whether or not it’s funnier to say “penguin” or “puffin”.

BEASTS performed at the Pleasance Courtyard at Edinburgh Festival 2014.

LINKS: beastscomedy.co.uk

Photo: Ben Carpenter