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Awake (Miranda Colmans)

By | Published on Sunday 27 August 2017

The torture of twisting restlessly in bed is an occasional blight for most people, but for some it is a daily trauma. This sleep-deprived drama follows a group of insomniacs, all members of the I’m Awake internet forum, a space to meet and chat at the dead of night. It’s a solo performance that explores the effects of prolonged wakefulness on different personalities through expressive role-switching, while some tension is brought to the script when there’s an investigation of the web based group. It’s unfortunate, but the narrative about police scrutiny feels heavy-handed, disrupting the flow of the piece and detracting from the individual characters’ storylines. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting look at the impact of sleep-deprivation and the dynamics of online social communities.

The Cuckoo’s Nest, until 27 Aug.
tw rating 3/5 | [James Napleton]