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Assessment (Shows On A Shoestring)

By | Published on Friday 18 August 2017

In a horribly plausible near-future, the government turns to the private sector for help in its struggle to cope with the burden of an increasingly ageing population. That’s how a corporate salesman with a disturbing proposition arrives at Alan McDonald’s door, in Robert Dawson Scott’s sharply satirical new play, a story that’s deeply affecting without being sentimental. The acting is outstanding, with Stephen Clyde’s gruff but sharp Alan a consistent delight, while Karen Bartke also does wonderful work as his daughter, beaten down by life and just wanting a taste of hope for once. The corporation – a near-constant presence hovering at the stage’s edge – feels a little too overtly villainous, but the story, both tender and horrifying, will have you gripped.

Gilded Balloon at Rose Theatre, until 28 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Jon Stapley]