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Are you sitting comfortably? Let the latest 24 hour marathon begin

By | Published on Wednesday 15 August 2012

Peter Aguero

Mark Watson may have stopped marking each Fringe with some crazy marathon of a show, but other non-stop 24 hour extravaganzas have appeared to take their place. And this year that includes what we are reliably informed is the first ever “24 hour story-telling marathon”.

Yes, following yesterday’s Noise Next Door #24HourFringeAdventure, the people behind the Grant’s True Tales Festival Of Storytelling, the main show of which led our reviewer to say “it reminds us how intriguing the forgotten art of personal narrative can be”, are now wrapping up their 2012 Fringe activities this week – pretty much as this issue of ThreeWeeks hits the streets – with 24 hours of back-to-back storytelling, featuring tales from the likes of Ophira Eisenberg, Brad Lawrence, Martin Dockery, David Dinnell, David Dobbs, Rad Radcliff and Julie Kertesz.

The proceedings will be overseen by the True Tales Master Storyteller Peter Aguero, who told ThreeWeeks: “I’m really excited about taking part in the ‘Grant’s True Tales 24 Hour Storytelling Marathon’, as not only is it a totally unique event at the Fringe but it’s also something that’s never been tried before”.

He continues: “We’ll be working alongside a host of different performers, some professional, many amateur, and we’ll also be involving the audience in open mic sessions. The best thing about it is the fact that anyone and everyone can get involved – there’s no money in storytelling, we’re just doing it because we love it and enjoy the connection that it creates between us and the audience – something that really fits with the ethos of what the Fringe is all about”.

The marathon kicks off at midday today, Wednesday 15 Aug, at Riddles Court, and runs for 24 hours, obviously. More at www.facebook.com/grantswhisky