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Alice Snedden: Self-Titled (Berk’s Nest)

By | Published on Saturday 11 August 2018

Having made her dramatic entrance twice, just to make sure we’ve all appreciated it, Alice Snedden confesses to us that she’s a very confident person. Until recently she’s even considered herself in competition with Jacinda Ardern, the PM of her native New Zealand. She happily talks of her home birth (when she popped out, that is), the menace that is her period and a self-belief that, despite no specific talents, she was worthy of school talent contests. At no point do you begrudge her confidence though; it’s the sort we all wish we had – that blasé approach to life, never doubting your abilities. Intrinsically likeable, Snedden is unquestionably funny but, while ‘Self-Titled’ is enjoyable, it rates more on a level with her Uber score.

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tw rating 3/5 | [Daisy Malt]