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Adam Riches Is The Lone Dueller (Fight In The Dog)

By | Published on Wednesday 8 August 2018

Adam Riches has carved out a distinct Fringe niche. People going into his shows often know what to expect – as everyone files in, there’s a scrum as some desperately attempt to avoid the front row. His character comedy is big on interaction, big on improvisation when things go wrong, and always screamingly funny. ‘The Lone Dueller’ is a more plot-driven affair than previous outings, a tale of a swashbuckling romantic hero, aided by a cast of (piloted) mannequins. It is deliriously, wonderfully silly, and its willingness to make fun of everything about itself means it survives a couple of over-plotty scenes that drag a little. Riches was born to play this part – his charisma perfectly suits a swaggering Flashheart-type.

Pleasance Dome, until 26 Aug.
tw rating 4/5 | [Jon Stapley]