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A poem from Justice Radiator

By | Published on Wednesday 6 August 2014

We are Jeremy Steam-Irons and Clarence Pennywether. Together we are Justice Radiator. Poetry on patrol. Taking down injustice with word bullets. Open your minds – we are coming in.

Robin & Patridge

If our poems can change the world, it would be wrong not to share them. That is why at considerable emotional cost to ourselves (as well as a sizeable financial cost to Clarence’s father), we have brought ourselves to the Fringe. Some say it’s self promotion. We say it’s selfless promotion.

ThreeWeeks have been kind enough to let us share some of our work. Although our ideas our are usually communicated through spoken word – Jeremy wishes to be connected to the oral tradition, and Clarence is scared of pens – we’ve decided to embrace this opportunity with the written word. Watch out people’s eyes! Hope you are wearing goggles, because these words are about to get dangerous.

FRINGE ENVIRONMENTALIST (Every time they shop, they buy a bag for life)
I care about the world and would give all my cash,
If it would save the Arctic and clear the sea of trash,
With a bigger wallet, I’d recycle all the litter,
Alas, I have no money, not a dime to fritter,
Only my ideas are big,
The stage can barely hold them,
They fill up all the seats,
That’s why I haven’t sold them,
Even when, to waste away the climate change deniers,
I spent £600 to pave the streets with flyers.

Justice Radiator and other characters appeared in ‘Robin And Partridge: Robin Dies At The End Of The Show’ at the Pleasance Courtyard at Edinburgh Festival 2014.

Photo: Jesse Olu