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Three To See 2014: Sketch comedy

By | Published on Wednesday 30 July 2014

Clever Peter

Time for some more comedy tips everybody? How about three top sketch troupes for your enjoyment? Here’s ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses with some more recommendations.

Clever Peter (pictured)
Our team have always been fond of the antics of award-winning and critically acclaimed sketch team Clever Peter, who you may have heard on Radio 4. If you listen to Radio 4. If you don’t listen to Radio 4 and are thus far unacquainted with this particular troupe, then you should seek this lot out. They’re doing two shows, too, so you’ve got no excuse. The first, at the Pleasance, is called ‘The Dream Factory’, the second, ‘Free For All!’ is free (see what they did there?) and sounds like it’s a mash-up of some old and some new material.
Clever Peter: Free for All!, Laughing Horse @ City Cafe, from 31 Jul until 24 Aug.
Clever Peter: The Dreams Factory, Pleasance Courtyard, from 31 Jul until 24 Aug. Tickets here.

The Grandees
I’ve been aware of The Grandees for a long time, but never actually saw them until last year, when I ventured out in the late evening on my own (this has been quite a rare occurrence these last couple of years), watched their show, laughed and smiled, and wondered why I hadn’t made the effort before. You can take a look at my review on the website for further proof of how funny and engaging they are. Or you can just trust me and go see one of the two shows they are doing this year (another with two shows… is this a thing with my favourite sketch comedy troupes this year…? Did they get together and organise it?)
The Grandees: BaBoom!m Underbelly, Cowgate, ​from 31 Jul until 24 Aug. Tickets here.
The Grandees: A Creepshow, Heroes @ The Hive, from 31 Jul until 24 Aug.

Ladies Live Longer: Volunteerology
I have no scientific proof of this, but I feel as though sketch comedy is an area of entertainment irritatingly dominated by white male trios. So it’s good to nominate a female duo (two out of three ain’t bad, I suppose) to be one of your viewing choices this August. They came to my attention because certain members of a previous ThreeWeeks team became enamoured of them, then the reviewer we sent in adored their show and gave them a resoundingly glowing review and a 5/5 rating. So frankly, they must be good.
Just the Tonic at The Caves, from 6 Aug until 22 Aug. Tickets here.