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Three To See 2014: Referendum-themed comedy

By | Published on Tuesday 29 July 2014

Aye Right

Ah the referendum. Those of you who are local may be bored of the whole thing by know and wish you could just cast your vote tomorrow so everyone would shut up about it. But there’s a few more weeks of debate to go yet, and expect to hear musings about it all on the Festival stage too. Though at least these referendum-themed comedy shows tipped by ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses should make the topic entertaining.

Bruce Fummey
I know there are plenty of people out there who don’t care about the referendum, don’t want to hear about the referendum and may even be sick of hearing about the referendum. I suspect there are also a lot of comedians out there who just don’t want to get involved in the debate. Not so Bruce Fummey, evidently, who is doing two referendum themed shows, one, seemingly, about voting yes, and one about voting no. So possibly not really entering the debate, either. Anyway, the ‘Afro-Celtic’ comedian is no stranger to broaching Scottish themes, and has in the past impressed a number of ThreeWeeks reviewers with his amiable stage presence, educational material and spontaneous wit, and I think all that bodes well.
Aaah’m Votin YES, Scottish Comedy Festival @ The Beehive Inn, from 1 Aug until 23 Aug
Aaah’m Votin NO, Laughing Horse @ Espionage, from 1 Aug until 23 Aug

Erich McElroy: The British Referendum
Erich McElroy isn’t sitting on the fence, he has some pretty strong opinions on the referendum, and he’s not even a native. He’s an American in possession of a British passport, in fact, who has taken his citizenship test, and everything. Now that he’s become a fully paid up Brit, he’s not very happy at the thought of losing the Scottish element, and I can kind of understand that. But whether you agree with him or not, this show is likely to be slick and funny because McElroy is a skilled, experienced comedian with an impressive comedy CV.
Just the Tonic at the Community Project, from 31 Jul until 24 Aug. Tickets here

Aye Right? How No?: The Comedy Countdown to the Referendum with Vladimir McTavish & Keir McAllister (pictured)
Another listing, another great big long title, and this time it’s this ‘Comedy Countdown’ featuring a Scottish Fringe veteran of long standing, Vladimir McTavish, and two-time Scottish Comedian Of The Year finalist Keir Mcallister, who will offer some “left field answers” to the big Scottish question, as well as hosting guests in the form of such well known comedy acts as Fred MacAulay and Des Clarke. According to the blurb on the venue website, this mixture of stand up and panel show comedy, poetry, political comment, music and spoken word might help you make up your mind… but then again, might not. Worth a look, I think, whichever way you are leaning.
The Assembly Rooms, from 30 Jul until 24 Aug. Tickets here

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