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Three To See 2014: New musicals

By | Published on Wednesday 16 July 2014


ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses has been perusing the Fringe’s musical theatre programme in search of brand new musicals for your delectation, and she’s managed to narrow it down to just three top premiere picks.

Siddhartha, The Musical (pictured)
Now, this show has had a very interesting genesis. The journey began back in 2006 when singer-songwriter Isabella Biffi was contacted by staff at Milan’s L’Opera Maximum Security Prison and asked if she would conduct a musical workshop as part of measures to help rehabilitate inmates. This led to a musical theatre programme in which all Opera prisoners – even the lifers – participated as cast and crew. ‘Siddhartha’, inspired by the novel by Herman Hesse, is the fourth musical to be created from this programme, and has transferred successfully to the ‘outside’, receiving critical acclaim ahead of its UK premiere in Edinburgh.
The Assembly Rooms, from 31 Jul until 24 Aug. Tickets here.

O Is For Ofsted
I can’t confess to having ever witnessed anything by this company, but one of my reviewers has, and she seemed to like it. What I can confess is that one of the things I do with my rare moments of spare time is to serve as a governor at the village primary my daughter attends (control freak, me?) and have witnessed first hand the, um, stressful effects that an impending Ofsted inspection can have on even the most well prepared and capable of school staff. A musical about this kind of thing? Go on then.
theSpace on North Bridge, from 11 Aug until 16 Aug. Tickets here.

Laika: A Space Dogyssey
Well, the company behind this show are the usually pretty reliable Double Edge Drama, but I have to be honest and say that it wasn’t their reputation that led me to choose this particular show for inclusion in my ‘new musical’ themed 3 To See. Who could resist a show with a title like ‘A Space Dogyssy’? Well, not me, evidently. And I am further sold by the promise of singing dogs. Because I’m like that.
Gilded Balloon, from 30 Jul until 25 Aug. Tickets here.