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Three To See 2014: Edinburgh International Book Festival

By | Published on Friday 18 July 2014

Phillip Axel

ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses is beyond excited about the programme for this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival, and is frankly gutted that two of her favourites (Haruki Murakami and Maggie O’Farrell) have sold out already. But, there are loads of other really big names appearing, and many, many very promising events too. And here are three of them.

Susan Greenfield – Are Computers Bringing Out The Worst In Us?
Well, I feel pretty sure that social networking and discussion forums are responsible for some pretty nasty behaviour, but that’s not exactly what this is all about… Susan Greenfield is one of the UK’s best known neuroscientists and the author of ‘Mind Change’, a book which looks at what the rising use of technological devices may be doing to our brains, asking the question of whether we are making potentially damaging alterations to the way we think. Has too much screen time led to, for example, a decline in empathy?
Charlotte Square Gardens, 20 Aug. Tickets here.

Melissa Benn – It’s Different For Girls
Melissa Benn is doing two events, but only one is sold out at the time of going to press, so fingers crossed there’ll still be tickets left by the time you read this for ‘It’s Different For Girls’, in which the author of ‘What Should We Tell Our Daughters’ presents a positive manifesto for mothers and daughters, at a time when young women are bombarded with airbrushed celebrities and casual media misogyny, and live in a world where it’s fine to use the word ‘girl’ as an insult.
Charlotte Square Gardens, 17 Aug. Tickets here.

Philip Ardagh and Axel Scheffler (pictured)
These two are very popular at my house, because it’s home to a small person who loves to read. When she was even smaller she delighted in the illustrations of Axel Scheffler, possibly best known for his collaborations with Julia Donaldson, and now that she’s a bit older she’s a big fan of Philip Ardagh because she’s lately been enjoying his series of ‘Short Cuts’ books about different historical figures. Anyway, our approbation is reason enough for you to make your way to one of the two events they are doing. And if our approbation isn’t enough, there’s this: Philip Ardagh has a lovely, long and luxurious beard. Yes.
The Grunts With Philip Ardagh and Axel Scheffler, Charlotte Square Gardens, 11 Aug (for ages 6-9). Tickets here.
Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats With Philip Ardagh and Axel Scheffler, Charlotte Square Gardens, 12 Aug (families and 7+). Tickets here.