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Three To See 2013: Devils and demons

By | Published on Wednesday 24 July 2013


ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses recommends theatre shows at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Devil In The Deck
This show is from Unusual Productions, the ThreeWeeks Editors’ Award winners behind one of our favourite children’s shows of recent years. Star of the show Paul Nathan weaves a “timeless fairy tale of love, magic and adventure”, set in the world of stings, scams and cons, accompanied by live music. It sounds great, and I’d like to see it.
Pleasance Dome, 31 Jul-25 Aug, 4.10pm.

His Majesty, The Devil – A Play With Music
This all seems a little bit elusive and mysterious, and I’m not quite sure what it’s all about; but this Dostoevsky inspired show depicts the Prince of Darkness as a playful, lighthearted, trendy gourmet, and questions injustice and violence, exploring a “war of ideas” between the old and the new. Certainly sounds intriguing.
Quaker Meeting House, 5-17 Aug, 6.20pm.

Diablo (pictured)
Northern Irish producing company Spanner In The Works point out in their blurb that human trafficking is a fast-growing criminal enterprise because of its low risk levels and potential for large profits. This no doubt disturbing five hander by Patricia Downey focuses on the human exploitation that goes on on our very doorstep, and has already won acclaim for its hard-hitting approach.
C aquila, 1-13 Aug, 3.40pm.