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Three To See 2013: Dance shows

By | Published on Wednesday 24 July 2013


Yes, ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses is back with show tips from the dance & physical theatre Fringe.

It’s often hard to know what to say about dance shows, especially if the themes are a bit vague – but this one has a very tangible story to tell; on the verge of a breakup after 13 years together, Hanna and Heidi decide to take up couple therapy and the result is a brutally honest look at a confused and disillusioned relationship. Will they still be together by the end of the run? Interesting.
Zoo, 19-24 Aug, 11.00am & 11.45am.

XD (pictured)
Do I need to tell you what ‘XD’ means? Or is everyone so completely computer literate and internet savvy these days that I don’t actually need to explain it? Well, I’d better, anyway, just in case you are holding out against technology, you Luddite, you. Well, the letters XD are shorthand for a laughing face. I’m honestly not quite sure why the piece has this title, but it probably reflects the modernity of the show’s content, apparently filled with references to the likes of manga, advertising, porn and fashion.
Dance Base – National Centre For Dance, 
2-17 Aug, times vary.

Booking Dance Festival Showcase
I suspect that this is one of those shows that’s brilliant for aficionados of the genre, but also for those who are new to the genre; Booking Dance offer up a selection of performances from seven different US companies. Last year’s show scored a 4/5 review from us, and was praised for its diverse programme; one for your diaries, newcomer to dance or not.
Venue 150 @ EICC, 14-18 Aug, 2.15pm.