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Three To See 2013: Contemporary music

By | Published on Wednesday 24 July 2013

The Les Clochards

Another fine helping of show tips from ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses; this time from the music programme.

Ensemble MusikFabrik
This tribute to Frank Zappa promises a concert of blazing energy and infectious rhythms from this Cologne based contemporary music group, who will explore the connections between Zappa’s eclectic compositions and the classical music he admired. They’ll perform work by Zappa, but also by John Cage and Varese.
Usher Hall, 28 Aug, 8.00pm.

The Les Clochards (pictured)
This lot garnered a 5/5 from our discerning reviewer last year, and she wasn’t the only one that fell for them; charismatic, side splittingly hilarious, and verging on the insane, this hobo band play popular classics with a comic twist, and do it very, very, well.
Assembly Checkpoint, 6-25 Aug, 9.10pm.

If you look closely into the name, then you’ll see it… are you there? Yes, you have it. Airnadette are an air guitar band… and with names like Scotch Brit, Moche Pitt and Gunther Love, you can be sure that this is one musical act that’s not taking itself at all seriously, and offers a show stuffed with pop culture references and poptastic songs.
Underbelly Bristo Square, 31 Jul-26 Aug (not 7, 13, 19), 8.50pm.