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Three To See 2012: The Festival Of Politics

By | Published on Thursday 26 July 2012

Festival Of Politics

ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses recommends three events from this year’s Festival Of Politics.

Libraries in the digital age
Libraries have been in the news a bit of late, with lots of closures. But this event is about how they can still be useful in the digital age. “New technology provides new opportunities for public libraries to re-imagine themselves, but it also fundamentally changes the traditional model of the public library service” says the blurb. Led by Melvyn Ingleson, this debate will discuss which models might work.
Libraries in the Digital Age, Committee Room 3, 17 Aug, 1.30pm.

NGOs Against Modern-Day Slavery
Modern day slavery is clearly a very serious problem, not least because a lot of people, in my experience, refuse to believe that it’s really happening. This event asks how non-governmental organisations, artists and the media can help combat human trafficking. Guests include Scottish actor and director Cora Bissett, and Trish Davidson, founder and director of anti-trafficking charity Unchosen.
NGOs Against Modern-Day Slavery, Committee Room 1, 24 Aug, 3.30pm.

An Incredibly Brief History of Political Satire
How far should satire go, and can satirists influence real change? Has the mockery instigated by the likes of Punch, Private Eye and ‘Yes Minister’ ever had a tangible effect on what happens in government? Journalist and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch chairs the debate.
An Incredibly Brief History of Political Satire, Committee Room 3, 18 Aug, 10.30am.