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Three To See 2012: Music shows for kids

By | Published on Friday 27 July 2012


ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses recommends three musical shows from this year’s Fringe children’s programme.

Shlomo’s Beatbox Adventure… For Kids! (pictured)
We’re big fans of beatbox type stuff here, and in our experience, the children love it too. So, I was very pleased to see that Shlomo’s doing a show for kids this year as well as the grown ups. Cool music, brilliant noises and funny sound effects… all courtesy of one man’s mouth and a mic.
Shlomo’s Beatbox Adventure… For Kids!, Underbelly Cowgate, 13 & 15 Aug, (Times Vary). fpp29. www.shlo.co.uk

Nick Cope: Family Songs and Music
That Nick Cope, of Candyskins fame, is these days to be found writing and singing for children. By the sound of it, he’s building up a cult following from the parents too, who find his songs a lot more bearable than the usual stuff-for-kids, despite the fact that he is singing about the sort of things that are important to children: monkeys, jumping in mud, fluffballs and goodnight kisses.
Nick Cope: Family Songs and Music, Gilded Balloon Teviot, 13-27 Aug, 11.30am. fpp27. www.nickcope.co.uk

Lucia and Scot and the Big Flamenco Adventure!
This was the first listing my daughter pointed to when she opened this year’s Fringe programme, definitely attracted by the muppet-style puppets in the accompanying picture. So it was satisfying to recall that last year, we gave this show a very positive review. A delightful mixture of puppetry, clapping, and music makes this a great way to introduce little ones to the joy of flamenco…
Lucia and Scot and the Big Flamenco Adventure!, Alba Flamenca, 9-22 Aug, 2.45pm. www.albaflamenca.co.uk