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Three To See 2012: Book Festival goodies

By | Published on Thursday 26 July 2012

Caroline McKrackin Flesher

ThreeWeeks Co-Editor Caro Moses recommends three events from this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Anthony Browne and Catherine Rayner
I love the Book Festival and rave about it to anyone who will listen to me, and to anyone who will read me too. So read my words carefully. Go to the Book Festival. And perhaps take in this event, aimed at children and families, featuring illustrators Anthony Browne and Catherine Rayner. In recent years, as their books have appeared on my daughter’s shelves, I’ve become very familiar with their brilliant pictures and I’m very keen to hear what they have to say about their work, their lives and their inspirations.
Anthony Browne and Catherine Rayner, RBS Main Theatre, 18 Aug, 10.00am.

David Bellos: Getting Lost In Translation
I’ve always been interested in what translators do. As someone who has studied languages, I’ve always been aware that it can be a difficult business and one I’d probably never dare to embark upon myself, even if I were a much more brilliant a linguist than I actually am. Which is not very brilliant. Anyway, David Bellos is here to discuss ‘Is That A Fish In Your Ear’, his recently published book on the art of translation, and I think it will be fascinating.
David Bellos – Getting Lost In Translation, RBS Corner Theatre, 14 Aug, 5.00pm.

Caroline McCracken Flesher: But An’ Ben Wi’ Burke and Hare (pictured)
This event is part of the Book Festival’s ‘Scotland’s Rich History’ strand, and to be fair, if you are in Scotland, partaking of all the culture it has to offer, you probably should be having a bit of a think about the history of the place. In this event, Caroline McCracken-Flesher focuses on something very Edinburgh: the story of notorious murderers Burke and Hare, and why their tale has resonated with, and been used by, generations of writers.
Caroline McCracken-Flesher – But An’ Ben Wi’ Burke and Hare, Peppers Theatre, 14 Aug, 11.00am.