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Three To See 2014: Theatre of death

By | Published on Monday 4 August 2014


In her final set of show recommendations before the reviews start to flow in the ThreeWeeks Daily from tomorrow, Co-Editor Caro Moses celebrates the Fringe’s theatre of death.

Dead Letters
George discovers a ‘Dead Letter office’, a room full of lonely and abandoned letters that have been, and embarks on a mission to deliver them all to their intended recipients; on the way he is forced to delve into people’s pasts; PropUp use physical and visual storytelling to explore the idea that the ensuing revelations won’t always be easy to accept, and that some things are better left unsaid.
C cubed, from 31 Jul until 25 Aug. Tickets here

Dead To Me
This is an apparently “disturbingly funny” story about a man who – presumably because of his belief in reason, logic and humanity – has a troubled relationship with a psychic and her spirit guide. The brains behind this peice is Gary Kitching, who was also responsible for a play called ‘Me And Mr C’, that was on at the Fringe back in 2012, and got a very nice review from us. If that was a “unique piece of theatre and well worth watching” then I feel there’s a fairly high chance that this one will be too.
Summerhall, from 6 Aug until 23 Aug. Tickets here

Lippy (pictured)
“Fourteen years ago four women made an extraordinary decision. They decided to die. We weren’t there. This is not their story. We don’t know what they said. We are only putting words in their mouths.” ‘Lippy’ is based on a real life incident of 2000, when an elderly woman and her three nieces all starved themselves to death. This is a UK premiere, but it’s already been performed in Dublin, and to broad critical acclaim.
Traverse Theatre, from 6 Aug until 24 Aug. Tickets here.

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